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2001 Officers

Name Office Phone Number
John DeMartino President 382-7942 or 525-0851
Shawn McWhorter Vice President 526-1860
Tom Garcia Secretary/Treasurer 382-8360
Brad Groover Flagman  
Ricky Rogers Corner Flagman  

Clark Nelson

Motor Tech - Primary  
James Cuilty Secondary  
LeRoy Lacy Tertiary  
Tony Weinacht 4th  
Alan Nabors 5th  
Alan Nabors Safety Tech - Primary  
LeRoy Lacy Secondary  
Mike Jaxson Announcer  

Executive Board

  John DeMartino  
  Shawn McWhorter  
  Tom Garcia  
  Brad Groover  
  James Quilty  
  LeRoy Lacy  
  Critt Coburn  
  Clark Nelson

- Stand By

Primary Motor Tech has final say on all findings.  In the case of Primary's motor being teched, Secondary Tech will have final say and so on...


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