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Track Rules

  1. If a driver does not pack the track, he or she will start scratch (Last) in both heats.  NO PASSING WHILE PACKING THE TRACK unless told otherwise by Flagman.  Maintain a slow speed.  Pack not race!!!!
  2. All racers must line up in staging based upon pill draw.  Be ready to enter the track immediately.  Do not enter Track until Gate Steward has given okay.  Once on the track, all drivers must be ready for the green flag and start racing on turn #4.
  3. No hot lapping!!!  Hot lappers will be disciplined by running scratch or being Black Flagged.  Flagman has decision.  
  4. Pit exit and entrance will be used only as specified.
  5. Flagman has final say on all on-track decisions.  Once he has given his decision, he or she cannot change decision.  FINAL!!!!
  6. All starts will rolling style.  One completed lap must be made without a yellow (caution) flag or a restart will be executed.  If the pole and 2nd place kart cannot get the start right, Flagman has the option of moving the 2 to the back.
  7. Excessive bumping is prohibited!  Flagman has final say on excessive bumping.  Excessive bumping will result in a warning first being issued then a Black Flag (go to pit area) will be issued for second occurrence.  Intentional kart contact will result in driver being disqualified for that race, all season and that day points will be forfeited, $100.000 fine will be assessed and driver will not be allowed on premises till the Executive Board has reached a decision.
  8. The person who causes a yellow flag will be put in the back of the lineup.  If a determination cannot be made as to who caused the yellow, all karts involved will go to the back  of the line up.  Any racer causing 2 yellow flags during any race will be black-flagged.


Point System

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