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No vulgar Language
No consumption of alcohol or drugs.
No yelling at track officials or flagman. Participants may talk to the flagman but only when the flagman is in the pits. DO NOT ENTER THE TRACK AT ANYTIME DURING A RACE until directed to do so by an Official.
Pit area is dead. No driving of karts in the pit area!
Anyone caught in the pits without a pass, will be escorted off the premises or pay$20.00 for a pass and stay.
All participants will remain behind the pit fence during a race.
Fighting is prohibited and violators will be escorted off the premises and fined according to the Executive Board decision, Violators will forfeit all season points. 

Anyone vandalizing or defacing property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Everyone is responsible for his or her own trash and waste. A fine of $15.00 will assessed for excessive trash and waste left behind by pit members. Disposal of all oil and fuel waste will be your responsibility. Dumping oil or fuel on the ground will not be tolerated. Fine and point revocation will be assessed. EPA has the right to issue a fine of $2,500.00 to violators.


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